Strong, Beautiful, Connective.

Just Like the River.

Royal Gorge River Initiative Organization is a nonprofit that enhances our local community by organizing river events and clinics, promoting river safety education, and advocates preservation of the river corridor.

Officially founded in 2019 as a nonprofit, Royal Gorge RIO started as an idea. Since its early beginnings we have improved river accessibility to our community. The creation of WKRP (whitewater park) has removed man made debris and hazards along the river bank to create a beautiful and inviting place of recreation.  Royal Gorge RIO looks to the future to expand on our ideas to create an inclusive river community for all ages and abilities. 

Without Initiatives like this, we wouldn’t have sustainable and protected water sources to brew beer, cider, wine or spirits! As a result, we knew this partnership would be a perfect match!

Beyond the need for water in our every day lives, the Pathfinder Park Event Center sits along the beautiful Arkansas River. This river is an integral part of life and tourism in Fremont County. Countless activities and events take place on the river throughout the county.

Activities such as fishing, commercial white water rafting, kayaking and more happen all year round!


Even you can make an impact for Royal Gorge Rio! They are providing these awesome branded 12 oz. cups for the festival! Snag one for a suggested donation of $5, and go buy drinks from whatever vendor you would like!

Take it home with you, and next year we’ll have a completely different design for you! Don’t wait til 7pm to show up to the fest, these cups might be gone and when they’re gone, they’re gone! 

100% of all cup proceeds are going directly to Royal Gorge Rio, and directly into their programs and planning to make all Fremont County rivers as safe as possible for everyone to enjoy!